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About Us
Our Company was founded in 1993; we started our activity with the production of classic boxing machines. Thanks to our technological innovations and creativity during the past 15 years we developed several kinds of Coin-Operated Entertainment Machines.

By the expanding of our participation in the worldwide market for today more than 3000 PigalleGame-machines function day by day in World’s 30 countries generating a high profit for our customers and partners.

Our main products are: variable boxing machines with different design and functions, arm-wrestling machines, soccer machines, hammer game machines, machines especially for children.

By a show of lights, colour and music our machines are attractive and provide guaranteed fun for every age-group. With the collection of several options our machines offer the possibility of ticket or gift redemption.

As a result of our technological solutions our machines are reliable with a low need of repair. We ensure guarantee, worldwide spare part service and permanently technical support too.

Our philosophy is to satisfy the demands of the modern times with the production of innovative, perfectly functioning and reliable machines for Family Entertainment.

We strongly believe that these machines help to reduce violence and ensure a healthy income, as well as a busy atmosphere.

We are proudly presenting: PigalleGame Family Entertainment Machines from Hungary


Boxing machine is a strenght measuring machine. The player has to punch a boxball fixed on a mechanical arm, than the strength of the punch appears on the display in scores. If the player hits the highest score, he/she gets a bonus hit. Our BoxClub products will be renewed year by year with new appearance, function and technoligical solution. Our classic BoxClub products are BoxClub one colour machine and BoxClub Grafitti the airbrushed version of our Boxing Machine with individual hand painted motives (like sexy girls, or boxplayers).

Cobra Boxing Machine has the same functions like of the traditional Boxing Machines, customized with individual cobra appearance, whereby the punching ball is placed under the head of the Cobra, the eyes of the Cobra funcion as the button for menu setting. Cobra Boxing Machines are aviable in green and black colours, covered with gold flitters, which make our Cobra one of the most attractive coin-operated entertainment machines in Europe.

Box4Sex is our newest redemption Machine of Pigallegame Family Entertainment.

By defined strenght of the hit, the player gets a sexy gift in capsule. The Capusles of BOX4SEX contain a condom or a sexy string panty for girls. Thanks to its attractive magenta-yellow colours, to its sexy redemption function, Pigalle’s BOX4SEX Machine ensures the best income for all holiday resorts, where young people are crusing around.

Hammer Jack is the traditional Hammer Play of PigalleGame Hungary. The player has to hit with a hummer, and the machine measures the strength of the hit. Pigalle’s Hammer Jack machines are decorated with a head of a Pitt Bull, aviable in different colours. If the player hits the highest score Hammer Jack machine gives a free bonus game. Hammer Jack is the tradtitional coin-operated Hammer Machine of Pigallegame Family Entertainment Hungary.

Soccer Club is the first soccer play of PigalleGame Family Entertainment Co. Hungary. By the soccer club machines the soccer ball is fixed on a mechanical arm. The player has to kick the ball, and the soccer club machine of Pigallegame measures the strength of the kick. The result appears on the display of the soccer machine in scores. Soccer Club, the first soccer play of PigalleGame Family Entertainment Co. Hungary ensures an interactive penalty kick experience with kick strength measuring.

Soccer Pro is an interactive coin-operated Soccer Sachine of Pigalle Game Family Entertainment Co. Hungary. Soccer Pro ensures the feeling of real soccer play. The player has to kick the soccer ball bounded on a rope, which provides the free placement of the ball before kicking.  The soccer pro machine measures the kick strength, which appears on the display of the soccer machine in scores. The soccer ball is bounded on a rope, so the player can place the ball in two meters area free before kicking. If the player kicks the record Pigalle’s Soccer Pro Machine gives a free bonus game. After the play the Soccer Ball will be hidden automatically. Soccer Pro is a new way of coin-operated Soccer Play, beacause the soccer ball is bounded on a rope, which ensures the free placement of the Soccer Ball before the kick. Thanks to Pigalle Game’s technical solution the Soccer Pro Machine hides the Soccer Ball automatically at the end of the game.

Kid’s Box is a redemption Machine directly for children. Pigalle Game Family Entertainment Co Hungary has developed a special Boxing Machine for Kids. Kid’s Box is a redemption Machine, so the children get a Gift with every Box Punch, The Kid’s Box Machine plays the favourite cartoon music of the children, and thanks to its redemption function Kid’s Box gives a Gift for every punch. Kid’s box is a funny Boxing Machine especially for children.