Box 4 Sex - play for a sexy gift - boxing machine

inProvision - Graphic & Art

Exhibition Madrid 24-25 sept 2009

Box 4 sex - play for a sex gift!

Special features

  • It's time to check your endurance and power of will
  • Free bonus game, if you beat the highest score
  • Fully customized, airbrushed cover
  • Width: 1,12 metres
  • Height: 2,2 metres
  • Depth: 0,8 metres
  • Weight: 140 kg 

Product Description

Pigallegame proudly presents the latest machine, the ultimate idea: BOX 4 SEX! YOu can play the the traditional boxing machine with the latest enhancements! Bored of playing for points or for be the recorder? Show you lust is at maximum power, and prove yourself for the lady of your choice - with a sexy gift! You can win several gifts like condoms, and sexy panties etc. With this machine fun is multiplied!

Available colors

  • Special design,great look!
  • GET NOW!
Box 4 Sex - box for sexy gifts boxing machine