Soccer Club - the soccer machine

inProvision - Graphic & Art

Exhibition Madrid 24-25 sept 2009

Soccer Club - soccer game

Special features

  • Kick strenght measuring
  • Interactive penalty kick mode
  • Kid's Kick Mode up to 4 years
  • Real Kick feeling
  • Multilanguage option
  • Alberici coin acceptor
  • Mechanical counter
  • Much more fun
  • Changeable sound
  • Spare parts service
  • Original Hungarian product

Product Description

A high quality, realistic kicking-feel soccer game. Available in ticket mode, different colors and sounds. The soccer machine supports 2 play modes: one for adults and one for children. In the adult mode the player can choose the individual game or the penalty-kicking duel. The duel is against the machine, get a free kick. Waterproof, reel kick feeling, best kicker machines since years.

Available colors

  • Silver / gold
  • Silver
  • Gold
Soccer Club - soccer machine