Cobra - the uniqe boxing machine

inProvision - Graphic & Art

Exhibition Madrid 24-25 sept 2009

Cobra - measure hit strenght in kiloponds

Prove your strength by our Cobras and go punch for a bonus game!
Cobra Boxing Machine is customized with an individual cobra appearance which makes our Cobra one of the most attractive coin-operated entertainment machines in Europe.

Special features

  • Stereo MP3 sound
  • Hit strenght measure in kiloponds
  • Fast gameplay (punch can be restarted anytime)
  • Fully customized cover with "Noise-stop" technology
  • Programmable Alberici coin acceptor
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to transport
  • Spare parts service
  • Size: 0,91 m x 2,2 m x 1,34 m
  • Weight: ~110 kg

Product Description

Informations on this product is coming soon!

Available colors

  • Green / gold
  • Black  / gold
Cobra - the unique boxing machine